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Witt O'Brien's is a full-service exercise firm exceeding our customers’ expectations with realistic and expertly evaluated exercises. Our experience ranges from executive and cabinet level tabletop exercise scenarios to complex, multi-agency, cross-jurisdictional, multi-site functional and full-scale exercises. We have designed these exercises for a myriad of different clients in both the public and private sectors, at home and abroad, focusing on diverse topics and focus areas.

Witt O'Brien's finds repeated success in offering diverse exercise planning teams, partnering expert exercise architects with seasoned subject matter experts in the field to be evaluated. Our staff is made up of subject matter experts in emergency management who have real-world experience managing disasters. Our boots-on-the-ground experience in crisis and emergency response allows for realistic exercise development and value-added evaluations and recommendations for improvement in disaster preparedness that are based on past experiences and best practices in the field.

Witt O'Brien's staffs Master Exercise Practitioners (MEP) and Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) certified professionals, each with extensive experience in developing seminars, workshops, tabletop exercises, drills, and functional and full-scale exercises. These experiences have rounded our staff to be much more than just HSEEP-certified exercise designers—they are implementers of best practices and forgers of the next generation of experiential learning and evaluation opportunities. Witt O'Brien's augments tabletop exercise design staff with specialists in the field including but not limited to experts in fire and rescue, emergency operations center (EOC) management, incident command, public health and medical response, security and law enforcement, higher education emergency preparedness, transportation, emergency communications, mass care, public information, and crisis communications.

Key exercise services include:

  • Executive tabletop exercise scenarios
  • Functional exercises, which include realistic simulations through a robust Simulation Center and mock videos
  • Complex full-scale exercises to include moulage (application of injury-related makeup) support
  • Joint Commission and Hospital Preparedness Program-based medical surge exercises
  • Equipment deployment drills
  • Programs for oil spill response plans (OSRP) and facility response plans (FRP) in line with the U.S. Coast Guard's Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP)
  • Customizable exercises to fit your organizational needs