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Continuity Services

Continuity services from Witt O'Brien's helps ensure that state and local governments, private companies, universities, and hospitals are fully prepared to meet the challenges of crises and disasters of any kind. Witt O'Brien's works with clients to take an all-hazards approach to prepare for a single event or threat with a customized disaster recovery program to ensure an adequate state of readiness.

Confidence in your company’s ability to overcome a business disruption, regardless of size or cause is imperative. Witt O’Brien’s approach to organizational and business continuity services is built on foundational knowledge and an exceptional understanding of best practices and industry standards. Witt O’Brien’s applies that knowledge to develop a unique methodology for business continuity services that best fits the needs of your company.

Witt O’Brien’s experts have a proven track record of developing, updating, and implementing high-quality business continuity programs and plans with partners across the country.

Witt O’Brien’s has been credited with effectively preparing our clients for emergency and disaster recovery through comprehensive planning, training, and realistic exercises. We pride ourselves on offering unique business continuity solutions that meet our clients’ individual needs through multi-disciplined planning efforts that comprehensively address the entire organization’s emergency preparedness, response, and disaster recovery activities.

Key continuity planning services include:

  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Gap analysis
  • Business impact analysis – identifying and prioritizing essential functions
  • Alternate facilities planning and capability assessment
  • Continuity training and exercises
  • Technology solution: ePlanPro®