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2013 VGP eNOI Resubmission

On March 28, 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) that replaces the 2008 VGP which expired on December 18, 2013.

In order to obtain coverage under 2013 VGP, a new electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) must be submitted for this permit. Vessels that submitted an NOI for coverage under the 2008 VGP will not automatically be authorized under the 2013 VGP, and a new eNOI must be submitted.

To facilitate resubmission of eNOIs for the 2013 VGP, the EPA developed a new electronic reporting system through their Central Data Exchange (CDX).

The EPA released a batch upload file in excel that provides an alternative method for gathering the required data for the 2013 VGP eNOI.  This method is recommended for those who have multiple vessels as it allows you to save time by copying data that is the same for multiple vessels where appropriate.

If you would like assistance with the 2013 VGP eNOI submissions, please note we no longer will be using our eNOI Authorization Form to gather the required information for the Notice of Intent nor will we use our online Vessel-Specific Resubmission Form.

Please download the 2013 VGP eNOI Batch Upload Excel File below:

2013 VGP eNOI Batch Upload Excel File –

Users of the batch upload file must enter the data exactly as indicated in the instructions found on the first worksheet tab of the excel file. 

If you would like our assistance please send us your completed batch upload excel file at:

The standard fee of $100 USD per vessel will apply for all resubmissions. 


Due to the restrictions of the 2013 VGP eNOI system, a representative from your company will need to register as the certifying official to satisfy the role of "Certifier" in the 2013 VGP eNOI system. The registered certifying official will receive an automated notification when there are eNOIs ready to be certified. Upon completion of the certification, the system will auto-generate the eNOI documentation and provide a link for you to download it directly from the system.

As soon as the eNOI certification process is completed on your end, we as the “Preparer” may also download and forward the eNOI documentation.