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Vessel Security Officer Training

Witt O’Brien’s offers a USCG/MARAD Certified Vessel Security Officer course that covers the following required topics:

  • Security administration
  • Relevant international conventions, codes, and recommendations
  • Relevant government legislation and regulations
  • Responsibilities and functions of other security organizations
  • Methodology of ship security assessment
  • Methods of ship security surveys and inspections
  • Ship and port operations and conditions
  • Ship and port facility security measures
  • Emergency preparedness and response and contingency planning
  • Instruction techniques for security training and education, including security measures and procedures
  • Handling sensitive security-related information and security-related communications
  • Knowledge of current security threats and patterns
  • Recognition and detection of weapons, dangerous substances, and devices
  • Recognition, on a non-discriminatory basis, of characteristics and behavioral patterns of persons who are likely to threaten the security
  • Techniques used to circumvent security measures
  • Security equipment and systems and their operational limitations
  • Methods of conducting audits, inspection, control, and monitoring
  • Methods of physical searches and non-intrusive inspections
  • Security drills and exercises, including drills and exercises with facilities
  • Assessment of security drills and exercises
  • Layout of the ship
  • The ship security plan and related procedures (including scenario-based training on how to respond)
  • Crowd management and control techniques
  • Operations of security equipment and systems
  • Testing, calibration, and maintenance while at sea of security equipment and systems
  • Detailed facility security plan review and questionnaire


  • Valid Merchant Mariner credential
  • Current or anticipated employment or assignment as a Vessel Security Officer
  • Meet the requirements found in 33CFR 104.215(d) (1-4) for U.S. credentials mariners

Course Cost: $950 per person. The course is two days long.

2016 Slidell Dates Offered: June 13-14, September 12-13, and December 12-13

2016 Houston Dates Offered: May 10-11, August 9-10, and November 15-16