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One of the simplest approaches for an organization to find more time for crisis communication is to enlist a platform to automate select communications tasks. Crisis communications software platforms allow communications teams to save time and focus on strategic priorities, like message development or spokesperson prep.

PIER™ (Public Information For Emergency Response) is a comprehensive, web-based communications platform that serves as a virtual Crisis Communications Center or Joint Information Center. PIER™ provides flexible solutions for handling internal and external communications, streamlines communications processes, automates tasks and prevents misinformation during crises.

One Solution

  • Fully integrated system with tools for contact management, content creation and distribution, inquiry management, and social media engagement
  • Every PIER™ feature works alone or in partner with other functions
  • PIER™’s efficiency saves time, money, and resources by streamlining workflow

Communication Management

  • Easily customize web pages using content management tools
  • Multiple distribution methods including email, text-to-voice, and SMS text message
  • Subscription manager for stakeholder updates to contact information and desired delivery methods

Two-Way Communication

  • Push and pull communications through email distribution, surveys, inquiries, text messaging, and social media integration
  • Integrate RSS feeds to auto-populate web pages with real-time information
  • Monitor trending topics to mitigate rumors, track public perception, and strategically plan communications

Remotely Available

  • Easy access from web-enabled computers and mobile devices
  • Reliable access to contacts, documents, inquiries, and messaging
  • Continuity of communications regardless of infrastructure or network disruptions

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