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We believe that responding effectively and communicating your efforts are two sides of the same coin. And since others will be telling your story, from the professional media to citizen reporters with camera phones, you must be prepared and ready to respond. PIER™ (Public Information Emergency Response) provides flexible solutions for handling internal and external communications, making it easier to deliver messages, streamline processes, automate tasks, and prevent inaccuracy during routine events, minor incidents, and major catastrophes.

Communication Management

  • Easily customize web pages using content management tools
  • Multiple distribution methods including email, text-to-voice, and SMS text message
  • Subscription manager for stakeholder updates to contact information and desired delivery methods

Two-Way Communication

  • Push and pull communications through email distribution, surveys, inquiries, text messaging, and social media integration
  • Integrate RSS feeds to auto-populate web pages with real-time information
  • Monitor trending topics to mitigate rumors, track public perception, and strategically plan communications

Remotely Available

  • Easy access from web-enabled computers and mobile devices
  • Reliable access to contacts, documents, inquiries, and messaging
  • Continuity of communications regardless of infrastructure or network disruptions

One Solution

  • Fully integrated system with tools for contact management, content creation and distribution, inquiry management, and social media engagement
  • Every PIER™ feature works alone or in partner with other functions
  • PIER™’s efficiency saves time, money, and resources by streamlining workflow


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